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private duty nurses
MD Extension is here to assist you with both long-term or respite solutions, providing excellent and highly skilled registered nurses to establish continuity of your healthcare 

MD Extension Services


Post Surgical

Recovery from any surgery can pose many challenges. Some of the risks may inlcude infection, adverse reactions to medications or anesthesia, blood clots, pneumonia and muscle atrophy. Having a skilled and trusted Registered Nurse at home to maintain continuity of care can be critical. This can help hedge off potential crisis by helping with pain management, identifying potentialy life threatening complications and monitoring the overall healing process. The most important benefit can be a shortened recovery time.


Oncology / Chronic Disease

Managing a cancer or chronic disease diagnosis is a life changing event. The list of therapies, medications , equipment and complications is long and complex. Early detection of symptoms and side effects is vital to a successful outcome. Having the ability to manage the situation, by an experienced and trained Registered Nurse, from home can greatly enhance quality of life. 


Elder Care
MD Extension offers a better way for seniors to age in place. It is proven that aging parents thrive in familiar settings, exposed to the daily living of loved ones. Forming a network of family, friends and caregivers in conjunction with an MD Extension Registered Nurse can assure fulfilling and meaningful twighlight years. Helping our seniors maintain independence and dignity is priceless.
Patient Advocacy
MD Extension nurses will sit bedside in a hospital to speak for your loved one when they are unable to speak for themselves. And our nurses can accompany the patient upon admittance to a rehabilitation center with follow-up periodic check-ins to review medication adherance and physical therapy schedules. In addition, MD Extension nurses can escort to doctors appointments to translate clinical data and instructions to the patient and family members or caretaker. 
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